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Lebanon has had a variety of crises, including military, economic, and even political crises, which have resulted in the collapse of the state, its currency, and its economy. As a result, some Lebanese drowned at sea and died in the cold at the borders of countries that refused to admit refugees, leading many of them to escape to Western nations by whatever means necessary. Furthermore, as a consequence of this situation, Lebanon’s middle class has evaporated, increasing the number of low-income people who are now unable to sustain themselves.

As a consequence of this, the Kheer Wajba “Good Meals” Association was created, and it has now evolved to offer a variety of additional services in addition to obtaining meals for the most vulnerable families.

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About Us

It is a non-governmental organization that seeks to assist and empower the lowest members of society via charity and developmental activities and initiatives. The Kheer Wajba Association was founded in 2010 with the assistance of a significant number of specialists, engineers, medics, and people of white hands from across the world, with the goal of giving meals to the poorest households.
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Our Value

We cherish our principles because they are a real representation of who we are as an NGO. These ideals guide our partnership and underpin all we do.


We aim to end the region’s suffering from hunger and other crises, through working in solidarity with specialized organizations and members from within the communities


We want to be a safe haven for all vulnerable people in Lebanon. We strive to be a role model in long-term humanitarian initiatives, while also establishing a human development system.


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