About Us

About Us

It is a non-governmental organization that seeks to assist and empower the lowest members of society via charity and developmental activities and initiatives. The Kheer Wajba Association was founded in 2010 with the assistance of a significant number of specialists, engineers, medics, and people of white hands from across the world, with the goal of giving meals to the poorest households.

Our Value

We place a high value on our guiding principles since they are an accurate reflection of the nonprofit organization that we are. These principles serve as the foundation for our relationship and guide all that we do. The work done by Kheer Wajba Group is based on fundamental values such as integrity, excitement, and transparency.


We want to put an end to the suffering caused by hunger and other problems in the area by cooperating with specialist organizations and people from within the communities themselves.


Our goal is to provide a secure environment for all of Lebanon’s most vulnerable residents. We seek to be a model in terms of long-term humanitarian projects, while at the same time developing a human development system that will ultimately result in the revitalization of civil society all over Lebanon.