Management Team

Samer Doctor Jalal Kassab

President & International Relations

Honorary Doctorate of Management in Non-Profit Leadership given by IGCC, He was the Director of Marketing and Advertising for various local and multinational firms, and he attended several conferences and seminars across the world. He was also the Regional Director for one of the most major international organizations. He won several diplomas and honors from various local and international organizations for the implementation of social service initiatives.
– He also obtained an honorary degree for his work with humanitarian organizations.
– CNN named him one of the most significant figures in the Lebanese revolution in 2019.

Ms. Zahra Saidi

Lebanon Director

With nearly 20 years of humanitarian experience, I can say that. I studied French literature and began to get involved in humanitarian work. I decided to incorporate this work into my daily routine because it gives me hope for a better future by assisting them and brightening their lives through our small initiative.

Mr. Zaher Kassab

United States & Canada GM

Zaher, with over 20 years of expertise, comes to mind when we talk about inventiveness in humanitarian work paired with marketing and media skills. Zaher is regarded as one of the founding members of the Wajbat Al Khair Association and one of its most ardent advocates in expatriate nations. Over the years, he has been successful in establishing a number of development and philanthropic enterprises.

Ms. Rana Saidi

Lebanon, General Admin
Lawyer Rana Al-Saeedi, Administrative Secretary of the Goodwill Association, has a Bachelor’s degree in law and has participated in several development activities in Lebanon.

Organization Structure

It is a framework of the organization’s administrative hierarchy, in which it clarifies the positions of the posts, their administrative linkages, and the relationships between individuals, as well as the lines of authority and responsibility within the organization, where the viewer of any institution’s organizational structure can identify the units and sections within the institution, as well as the responsibilities and authorities in it. The organizational structure is described as the formal system by which the organization may manage itself by defining authority lines and communication channels between superiors and subordinates.